Thursday, June 3, 2010

silly billy stories

Aside from two mornings where I completely forgot our new storytelling routine, the stories have been flowing. Silly stories seem to be a favorite, and the children seem very aware of their audience when telling their stories.

Take T for example in his tale Silly Duck...
A duck was sleeping in a bed with a kid. It was sleeping and snoring like a lobster. And he opened his eyes and go to the zoo and see all the snowy animals. And it was snowing everywhere and the neighborhood was empty. The duck was so silly making a silly dance. The End.

D seems influenced by the Dick and Jane book she has been reading at home in her story Big Family Work...
One day there was Dick, Dick said "look father Jim plays and plays." Then the Sallie says "look, he make a oqn club house." Then Dick and the father were telling her to never play. Then he and his mother - mother said "Dick is a boy and whole family work together." The family works and works. The family eat food every single day. And the Sallie says "oh my ball is not here. Who can found my ball? My ball is yellow and pretty." Then Sallie found her ball. The End.

The Three Crayon and the Box by J
He just dancing. He dancing all by himself. And the big girl. And he color on the crayon, and he just draw it. And draw the sun and the sky. And the chicken live and the egg, his nest. Like the color. He not coming now, he just color his head. The End.

This one is amazing when I think about X, she entered the pre-k with no English as many of the children did and when she was telling this story I had to ask her to shorten the story because it was so long. Truly amazing.
Three Little Butterflies by X
The three little butterflies three color is one yellow color, one is the red color, and one is white color. The three little butterflies in the garden play. The rain is down. The three little butterflies is fly. One red butterfly said red flower "I want to go to the leaf dance there." The red flower said "come here." The red butterfly "me too." Then the white butterfly and yellow butterfly come fly. The three little butterfly said "no is friend." The three little butterflies fly to yellow flower say "yellow flower I want to fly to leaf there." The yellow flower say "yellow butterfly, me too come there.' And yellow, white, red butterfly fly. The three little butterfly fly to white flower said "white flower, I want to go to that leaf there." White flower said butterfly, butterfly me too."

A Silly One by Annie
Mrs. Chin and Ms. Merril come from Xin Yue. And Ms. Merril drink cow milk, Ms. Chin too. The End

Silly Goose by Brian
Butterfly drink the flower. Ms. Merril and me see the butterfly. K see the fish. D see the bird. F see the fish. X see the eye. Mrs. Chin see the cow. Me see the playground, see T. Me see the big mommy house. My see Ms. Merril house. Oink! The End.

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