Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the elevator update

As I mentioned earlier, the project began because of interest in making elevator keys. Some traced Mrs. Lee's key...

Others explored the ruler, using it to measure Mrs. Lee's key and then make their own.

We had many ideas about how elevators work, from thinking gears work to spin the elevator chains to wondering if the wind blows the elevator up and down. I brought in a small model of an elevator (thanks to my dad), which used a pulley to lift the elevator car up and down. The children agreed that the pulley would be a good choice to use when building our larger scale version.

After several trips up and down in the elevator, the group decided that the elevator should be gray. We learned that black paint mixed with white paint makes gray paint!

V came up with the idea of painting the elevator rainbow colors...which also allowed it to become a magic elevator. The group agreed and spent quite a bit of time mixing and painting to create the authentic rainbow effect.

All complete with people to ride in the elevator we are ready to share the work with the class through block center and dramatic play.

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