Sunday, October 10, 2010

sculptors from the beginning

My affinity for sculpture and building has been thriving this year, as the class is full of natural sculptors and builders. Here are a few photos of clay, wire, and tape sculptures from this week. It is truly remarkable to watch children work for a full hour, fully engaged in creating something from their imagination. Children always explain their work and sometimes their explanation turns into a magnificent story. J's sculpture, directly below, will really capture your imagination. He told his story to Mrs. Lee in Mandarin, and Mrs. Lee translated his story in English for me to read.

"There are a lot of people playing the slides (the wires are the slides). The slides will bring people up to the sky or the planets. Everyone enjoys playing the slides and feels so happy. There are some cushions (the blue tape) that protect people from getting hurt. There is also a pond (the blue coloring on the cardboard). There are some big and small fish in the pond. People swim inside and are happy. Sometimes fish jump out and play the slides as well. If there is a bad guy - tries to destroy all of these - the slide will become a machine gun and protect everyone. This is a place created by a robot. He lives in the egg, (the white clay) his name is play dough robot."

Here is A's cupcake sculpture.

This is B's airplane.

Another great article from the Sunday Times, about a man who built his own home from fallen trees and rocks in North Carolina. This first building project started him on his journey as a sculptor. Take a peak at the slideshow if you have the time.

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