Sunday, October 3, 2010

Waiting For...

I just spent my Sunday evening watching the "Education Nation" debate that aired on MSNBC all week. There was a lot I agreed with...and a good deal I didn't agree with. The important part is that a national conversation is taking place because change is necessary. I posted the teacher town hall video and a link to more dicussions from the week.

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A note about the inspiration for this national media coverage - if you haven't heard already - there is a recently released documentary "Waiting for Superman" which takes a look at the public school system in America. I have not seen the documentary yet, but hope to very soon. From the clips I have seen and from what I have read about it I am worried that it portrayed charter schools as the silver bullet to fixing our flawed education system. Education in America needs to be overhauled on a national, state, and community level. There is no silver bullet, a complete restructuring is needed. Hopefully, this new national interest and conversation in education will result in change. We shall see. If you have any thoughts maybe you would like to share them here...our own community discussion.

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