Friday, December 17, 2010

It was a lucky coincidence that our class is showing a good deal of interest in storytelling and we happen to get the opportunity to watch a great short play at Central Park Zoo. The kids though it was hilarious and it inspired another great day of storytelling in the classroom.

Mrs. Lee worked with children in dramatic play again today. Now that they are familiar with the story and acting it out they needed less support from Mrs. Lee. They took turns being different characters and this time they added a director to the lineup. I wish I could post the video on the blog but all of the children's faces are obviously evident, it will have to suffice that it was wonderful and the kids so enjoy watching themselves as actors on the classroom computer.

Mrs. Lee invited the group to come up with their own story to act out. First they held a vote to see if anyone wanted to continue working on The Three Snow Bears or begin a new story. The vote was 1 to 4, in favor of a new story and so it began...

The Bear Story From a Long Time

From a long time ago there is a bear and he makes a friend, it is a penguin. The penguin is in Antarctica. And then there was a big cave. The bear came out from the cave. Then he goes to wash his teeth. And some penguins got killed, so the bear started to protect them and he leads them to the cave. Every penguin is safe in the cave. There is a penguin walks to his friend the bear and then they just be friends together. It was fun. Then they left because they want to go home.

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