Friday, December 10, 2010

Moving to Phase II...that sounds so serious

Phase I
Continuing to build our collective knowledge about animals.

We explored the texture of fabric pieces and collage materials to make animals. Everyone thought about how their animal stayed warm in the winter.

It was pretty unanimous that animals must sleep to keep warm, and...

wear clothes.

I love how intense this moment seems.

can you guess which one is the cookie for the animals to eat.

Phase II
Forming our questions (I forgot to take a photo pf our web) and investigating our questions.

Ms. Priscilla, an animal educator from Queens Zoo came to our school to share some hands-on animal artifacts and information with us.

K is feeling blubber that Ms. Priscilla brought in. We also touched and explored animal fur, hair, skin, and feathers. Pretty neat.

After the research group spent some time on the internet with me and Mrs. Lee looking up the answers to our questions: "Do (insert animal here) hibernate?" Calvin took the information he recorded on a Yes/No chart and added it to our web.

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