Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a soap box of sorts

I couldn't resist sharing this. I tend to wander down twisting, turning rabbit holes of early childhood and parenting blogs. Today I found a great blog called the artful parent and one entry in particular caught my attention as it focuses on developmentally appropriate ways to support writing.
here is the post.

Each year, around this time, I think about where we are and what I know needs to be done to be ready for our rigorous kindergarten program. In the post No Child Left Behind - Race to The Top world we live in academically rigorous kindergartens seem to be here to stay. My struggle is in preparing our four year old children as much as possible while remaining developmentally appropriate. It's a fine line. I know this is something that weighs on parents as well, and as we work to support children in their emerging literacy, mathematical, and scientific thinking a question that needs to be asked constantly is "is this appropriate?" Remembering that play is the best, most meaningful, and most appropriate way young children learn should be our mantra.

I'm happy books like this are emerging, as mainstream and accessible choices for parents and educators alike.

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