Wednesday, April 6, 2011

re-look, re-think, re-understand

It has been a week since the Infusing the Reggio Approach in a NYC Public School workshop and to be honest there was so much to take in (in a good way) that I really haven't been sure how to synthesize it all to share here. I decided I won't even try but I will share some inspiring words I jotted down along with some photos, showing how our classroom has been inspired from the learning I have brought back. It's exciting that even a small piece of the Reggio philosophy is now in the hands of quite a few public school teachers and those small bits of the philosophy are undoubtedly appearing in public school classrooms - an exciting reality for sure.

On documentation: it is making visible the process of thinking, of constructing, of learning together...By interpreting the traces collected through observation, teachers can find strategies that will guide next steps in the experiences and work with children. - Lella Gandini

On the classroom environment: Think of the environment you like to be in. Think of an environment you really loved as a child. Did it give freedom, light, space, etc? - Jennifer Strange

On literacy: Literacy starts with understanding the essential function of language is communication, in many languages.

There's of course much more to say through words and pictures but that's it for now. I'm so interested to hear about other public school teachers and how they infuse project work/Reggio philosophy into the classroom.

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