Tuesday, June 7, 2011

families wear hats

The end of the year - well almost. It's a whirlwind and as my mind drifts to thoughts of cleaning the closet and packing up the room the children are reminding me each day that we are not done. From the hat shop which appeared with a passion and perseverance that could not be ignored to the beginning of a bedazzled "castle city" that is in need of subways and trains in the days to come. The intentionality, creativity, and sense of community is so ripe at this point in the year...that all tiredness (and packing) aside it's hard for me to imagine we are coming to the end of our year.

The "lucky hats" were produced uniformly by four children in the communication center - all on board with the lucky hat design protocol and distributing the hats to everyone in class. Within the hour each head, including mine, was adorned with a new hat. Reflecting on this now - and taking into consideration the sense of community really coming to a crescendo in class - I wonder if the four hat makers were passing these out as a symbol of our community, our "class family" as we call it. I will have to ask them tomorrow.

Plopped in each head with very little commentary, the hats were simply accepted and play carried on - uninterrupted.

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