Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a new year...almost

We held our first pre-k "Meet and Greet" event last night and it was such a success! I want to upload a few of the documents we handed out for parents. I hope this might be helpful to our parents, just in case your folder goes missing over the summer and potentially helpful for other educators out there in the blog world. It has taken me a few years to figure out just what I want to say to parents and it's always been helpful for me to see what other teachers are doing. So maybe this will help a few. For all of the images below, if you click on them they will open in a new window and appear larger.

This is the inside portion of a "Welcome to Pre-k" brochure I made. It has some important details about our program...like don't send your child in to school in clothes you don't want to see paint on.

We are doing a summer family project for the first time. This was inspired by Beginnings Nursery. We visited their Reggio inspired school and noticed these family-made books in the classrooms. We are very excited to see the books of our own families in September and know it will be a great bridge to building new friendships.

The previous two documents are helpful in understanding more about each child and family in the first days of school. On top of that our program really relies on parent involvement with everything from meal times, projects, and field trips so it's important for families to know that right from the start.

Our current school year still has a few more days left but I am already looking forward to next year...especially after seeing those sweet faces!

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