Thursday, September 8, 2011


I took these photos in the quiet of this morning, before the children arrived for their first day of school. I was struck by the emptiness of the space. It was intentional but I couldn't help but feel slightly uncomfortable by it all. The walls a blank canvas, the shelves waiting to be filled. Yet, this was my intention. To allow the room to take on the voice and life of the group of eighteen I was about to meet. I had to remind myself throughout this week, as I've worked on the room bit by bit each day, that it is through emptiness that all possibilities arise. So here is our beginning, I am so curious and hopeful about all the beautiful possibilities in store for this year.



  1. merril, your room looks is absolutely calm and peaceful. AH--I am going to have to try harder to do that in my room. Good luck this year! :)

  2. Thanks Esther! I would so love to come visit your class and see your fun, beautiful pre-k space! Think I could convince Bob to let me have a PD day in Albany? Maybe!

  3. Your class looks so pretty- can't believe I'm seeing it online before I see it in person. Life is too busy!

  4. There is something so important about leaving it all "blank", I think. You can't fully plan the environment unless you meet the children and watch them to see what they need from the space, and what they want to give to it.

    Best wishes for the year!



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