Thursday, September 29, 2011

silent sound theories

We have noticed a great curiosity regarding sound with our group this year. Our first noticing occurred one morning in dramatic play, when one child held the fire fighter hat to her ear and declared that she heard something. We capitalized on this moment, first making seashells available and asking if the sound was similar to that of the hat. Then came instruments, inside and brought outside, and the invitation to build an instrument. But I have been given a big reminder that to move past this exploratory stage, to go deeper in to developing theories about sound and music, the children need a foundation in deeper thinking. I realized this when my questions to children were left floating in space. It's a reminder to model critical thinking. It's a great honor and responsibility we have as early childhood educators to be part of developing the foundation - of harnessing curiosity and helping children develop critical thinking traits. So I am reminded that it is still early in the year and to spend a great deal of time and care in building the foundation...from there we will build to great heights, I am sure. My current reading interest has been all about thinking and making thinking visible to children, there is so much here at Project Zero's "thinking routines" for educators and parents.

Where does the sound come from?

One broken maraca, but the pleasure of the exploration was well worth it.

How does this make music? This question, was not answered verbally but it so clear the provocation led him to look a bit closer. 

Now an expert, he can help others.

beginning to create his own instrument.

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