Monday, October 10, 2011

a culture of storytelling

I just registered for this year's Wonderplay conference and am already looking forward to the day, especially having the opportunity to hear Vivian Paley speak.  They shared a wonderful excerpt of Paley's talk from the 2008 conference.

Her work regarding play and storytelling has inspired a culture of storytelling in our classroom. Here are a few stories that have already been written and performed in our classroom. To add a bit of context - each day two storytellers tell me a story, which I write down word for word. After they tell their story to me, we look at the number of characters in the story and I invite the storyteller to choose who they wish to be during the performance. They make their choice and then we ask other children in the audience to act the parts of other necessary characters. The performances are an end of the day ritual that we all really enjoy. *I wish I could share images of daily perfomances but it is impossible to do so without showing the faces of the children*
I Was Scared 
A wolf was there and it scared me! And they attack me and able to put me in the net. So they put me in the box and they put me in the web. Then I bounce, bounce, bounce on the spider web. And we play together. Then we play painting. And me and wolf, we played painting game and eat orange. Then we eat vegetables and noodles and we share together. Then we eat together. And we look each other and we jump on the trampoline. And we eat watermelon. Then we smiled and we enjoy!  

Ugly Monster Run 
One day three ugly monster and there was a ghost behind her the ugly monster. And he ran away! The ugly monster run away. Then the ghost say “boooo.” And he say “why the ghost scare me? I run away!” The she never see the three ugly monster again.  

All About In Pre-k 
I was too shy and my friend and I went with him and I wasn’t shy. I go with my friend at home and eat and with my mom. I was resting with a mat in the floor for a sleepover with my brother because there’s no space so that’s why I need a mat. When I sleep with my mat I play with my toys over here. And you use it for the swimming pool – it floats.  

My First Fairy Tale 
One day the three little bears went out to go for a walk. Then a naughty girl named Goldilocks that she was very hungry so she look for a bowl to eat some porridge. Then she use the small medium size but it was too cold. Then she tries the baby size one and it was just right. Then when the three little bears came back she wake up and then she ran away to the jungle.

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  1. Your blog is such a delight to read. I'm sure that it's a reflection of a wonderful classroom!
    I want you to know that two first grade teachers that I work with on developing inquiry projects and choice time centers will be presenting at the 92nd Street Y conference. Their names are Alexis McClelland and Elizabeth Sechler. I think that the workshop is titled "Changes". I hope that you get to meet with them. Unfortunately, I won't be there because I'm co-presenting at NCTE the same day. I'd love to hear what you think of their workshop. It's going to be about the changes that they've made in moving towards inquiry-based instruction.



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