Wednesday, November 30, 2011

lines and circles

I will dedicate a post soon to connecting the dots between the posts on water, puddles, and paper. These posts have been 'snapshots' of larger projects underway in class. For now I will share a few images from a morning of observation. Three of our most avid water explorers (and puddle jumpers) went outside with Ms. Anny to observe the manhole covers on our playground. For months now, these three children have visited these covers each day looking for water, interracting with water on top of the covers, and often dumping water onto the covers on sunny, dry days. I was struck by the reverence of their drawings - you can tell that the children know the manhole covers.

Ms. Anny visited MOMA over the Thanksgiving break and discovered the photographs of Joseph Dankowski. We viewed MOMA's image gallery of his work, dedicated to the surprising beauty of manhole covers. Here are two of his photos...

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  1. These drawings are really striking - I'm looking forward to seeing the pieces come together!



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