Monday, February 6, 2012

looking with fresh eyes

As promised, some images from last week. With a few changes in the environment children seemed to feel energized and excited to try old activities and new ways. As one child mentioned to us, "I like the room different, it's good."
The sand table moved to its own space.
Allowing children to feel the freedom to move around the table...

And stand up.

A piece of dramatic play furniture complimented the water table perfectly.

The joy in exploring funnels, pipes, tubes and holes with water is evident!

The furniture even creates a pleasant spot to sit.

Moving the easel ever so slightly...
Adding giant, oval-shaped paper, and different tools...

inspired our young artists in new ways.

And back to the bunnies...

Collaborative map-making became vital - in leading us to the bunnies!

Sticky glue traps were set to catch the barn owl (read the digital story book
from last week to hear more about this).

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