Friday, March 9, 2012

give and take

I overhead one of our most independent children today - a child who often seeks out solitary play and relies on few - say aloud "I am lonely, I want someone to play with me." It made me stop in my tracks, a big moment to be embraced. Another child nearby heard her comment as well and with a bit of prompting, "would you like to join her?" They spent their time together writing and drawing.

This seemingly simple comment was really, really important. The student was able to express her emotions and through her (powerful) words get what she was looking for, a companion. It prompted me to step back and look at the photos of this week through a lens of friendship - community - and collaboration. What I found, was inspiring. Often in my reflecting I'm always thinking about next steps and how to go further. This refreshing reflection, was more of a celebration. How far we've come as a is cause for celebration.

A celebration in images...

A mud hole is born

A hole is created quickly with helping hands.

An idea from one one has the power to inspire many - to bring water to the hole!
Many hands help with the job...

our very own mud hole remains.

Painting at the easel has become a collaborative venture, nearly each day one child asking another "Can I paint with you?"

We have yet to hear a "no."

Explorations with light and materials create something much bigger than anticipated

Over several days explorations with cellophane, contact paper, beads and light...

Come together as one work of art.

An independent beginning becomes a transformation

A morning exploration becomes a project
as one child's shark and another's bass take on a life of their own.

It is decided the fish need an aquarium...

Which is encouraged with time, materials, and books...
with the help of each other...

an aquarium is built. The boys decided it should be placed on our door,  for families to see.

Even Oobleck is more fun with friendly fingers nearby.

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  1. These pictures make me wish that I was a kid again and could be in your class! What great hands-on activities!



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