Wednesday, March 28, 2012

put it in the mail

What is a message? This question has emerged with the addition of our new, indoor, mailboxes. One day two girls delivered a gift, a picture, to every child's mailbox. As children emptied their boxes, one proclaimed "this isn't a message, it's just a picture." Such a clear and seemingly simple question gave me pause. What is a message?

And this is how we began our journey. As we continue our conversations about the making of a message there seems to be a consensus among the children.
  • A message can have words and pictures
  • A message can have only words
  • A message can not be only a picture
Children continue to use the phrase, "it tells you" or "it tells people" to describe signs, symbols and pictures. I feel this phrase will be important in determining what a message is. For now, we are listening to the theories of children and making our own theories as teachers.

Is a letter a message?
Does a message need to be directed at another person?
"A message is on paper and at the end you put a heart"

Can a road sign be a message?
"It tells people to wait for the car"

Even if there are no words?
"It tells you to go there"

Can art be a message?
Can a message be quiet?

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