Wednesday, November 30, 2016

some days are just 'meh'

Sometimes provocations are met with "meh..." in preschool.

A prompt left near the projector of black paper and scissors captured the interest of one.

We just returned from a lovely four-day weekend and we (teachers) wondered if the group would return to school with continued interest in light. Well...the jury's still out on that one but there was a general meh-ness regarding light, shadow, and light storytelling today.

wooden sculptures created by children last week were presented upon play silks, with
loose parts and

It's a fine dance with inquiry/project-based learning. Persisting is an important habit of the push to extend, continue, deepen, and persist is one of the teacher roles. There is also a place for boredom (meh-ness) in our life. Life and creativity are often born from those moments. So perhaps to feel safe enough to exist for a few days without, necessarily a spark, is healthy for our collective creative spirit.

...And then there is the wisdom of recognizing a different spark in our midst. 

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