Sunday, January 31, 2010

Light/Dark, Day/Night

We will begin our new unit on Monday, first exploring light and dark then connecting that to day and night and ending with an exploration of the Solar System. PBS has a fun shadowcasting activity you can try with your child online (link is below). This is a great way to begin discussing the topic with your child at home. To get a few more ideas of ways to extend the topic also click on "interact, understand, and the expand icons" on the Shadowcasting page. These links give great ideas, for example to encourage your child's curiosity "If your child becomes interested in the way real world shadows change length, you can help her observe when her own shadow is longest and when it is shortest." (from PBS)
Shadowcasting . Creativity Challenge . Creativity . PBS Parents | PBS

I hope you a had a great weekend full of adventure!

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