Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Open Invitation to Our Classroom

I would really like to extend a warm invitation to parents, grandparents, and other family members to visit our class any time to read a story with a small group of children. It's a wonderful way to bridge home and school life, it builds a sense of community, and is a great way for a small group of children to enjoy quality read aloud time with an adult. This is something I would like to do ongoing - for the rest of the year and hope you will feel comfortable enough to come in or ask me questions about it any time.

I would like to mention - We have a full library of books in the classroom in English so there are many great story books to come and read - the children will have no problem helping to find one! But, I also want families to know that you could bring in any story book in your home language - whether that is Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Farsi or other. In fact you can bring in anything even the comics from the newspaper or if you are reading recipes from a cookbook - just sharing reading and writing together would be great. It would be a truly enriching experience, especially since I am always reading in English - think how special your child would feel sharing their home language with their friends! The door is always open and I am always there to answer any of your questions about this so I hope to talk with you if you're interested.


  1. Hi Miss Merril,

    Thank you so much for updating your blog on a weekly basis. It really helps us alot to know what the kids learn at school and help them work on it at home. Thank you for all the help and effort you are putting on our kids and exposing them to so much knowledge. We both would be very happy to come to the class to read a story with the children.

    Parents Of Sujay Sundar

  2. Thank you so much Sundar family!I love updating the blog and keeping you all up to date on our life in pre-k...I'm just happy you all read it :) On Thursday we can talk about a good day to come in to read - I really appreciate that and think it will be very special for Sujay too :)

  3. Also a very BIG thank you to Faiz's mother, Mrs. Shaikh, who came to class on Friday, February 12. The boys and girls were so eager to join the library center and read with Mrs. Shaikh. It was a memorable experience for all. I hope more parents will stop by if you have the time!



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