Monday, February 22, 2010

Sketchbooks in Practice

I was inspired by the idea of adding sketchbooks to our daily routine - we tried it today and it was a hit. After movement, the children came back to the classroom and we talked about this new (possible) routine. Everyone had there own sketchbook at a table, and they were instructed to choose a table with the writing materials that they wanted to use - as each table had a different set of writing materials. The children listened to Mozart as they drew and wrote. There were no real instructions other than introducing the idea that a sketchbook/journal is for you and in it you can put anything you want. I invited the children to feel the music as they drew.

Afterward, I asked the children how they felt drawing with the music. One student said she heard rainbows and that's what she drew. Other children were so eager to draw about their experiences in real life that they chose to draw that. It was a great experience and i think we're all looking forward to making it a daily ritual.

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