Tuesday, April 27, 2010

squiggly, wiggly, jiggly WORMS

We have been learning so much about our natural world this month! We were lucky enough to watch two groups of butterflies as they moved through the life cycle. from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to observing the butterflies emerge - it was a wonderful process to witness. Of course we freed our winged friends and waved goodbye. We only went two days before getting some new friends in our class. This time they're not insects but invertebrates...worms! That's right we are compsoting in our own classroom with the help of 1,000 Red Wiggler worms. Children are very excited to gently touch them and watch them "dance."

To read more about worms, click here. You can even learn the steps to building your own compost bin at home!

Here's a great viseo about a boy, Kevin, who loves to compost. Watch him compost at home!


  1. Hi Miss Merril, Thank you very much for putting so much effort and input in these children. We really appreciate your hard work. They are learning so much stuff about the World around them. Thank you once again.

    Parent Of Sujay Sundar.

  2. Thanks so much Sundar family! I appreciate your kind words :)



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