Tuesday, May 4, 2010

inside and outside, the best of both worlds

Thanks to parents and grandparents for walking with us to the Botanical Garden. We touched, smelled, and explored with our senses.

We predicted that we would see worms and puddles. We were right, we found many worms in puddles because of all the rain yesterday!

Some of us were eager to add detail with watercolor paint to our the observational sketches drawn at the Garden.

As we begin our unit on animals we decided (with Mr. Groff's help) to build a reading barn. Children worked with Mr. Groff to create the barn and we finished it in class by adding a roof, decorating our barn, and...

adding rules. J decided the title should be Don't Cross The Rules and if you can see the first rule is "No smoking." My disclaimer here, all rules were created by the children!

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