Thursday, September 30, 2010

the rhythm of the day

We are getting into the rhythm now, all of our centers have been opened and children are showing us how comfortable they feel in the classroom. This week was supposed to finish off with a walking trip to Red Mango but due to the weather we had to reschedule for Monday. We still need as many parents and grandparents as possible to come with us Monday, from 10:30 to 12:30 to insure it's a safe walk. We are about to begin a study of ice cream and some parents may wonder why. It began with our first morning on the playground, when a few children crawled under the playground and set up their own ice cream shop. Now it's common to hear children yelling "ice cream, who wants ice cream?" each day and more often than not, they give it away for free. Very generous bunch. On Monday, we'll see how business is done at Red Mango and take some of the information we learn back to the classroom to create our own ice cream shop.

After a few days we made our own ice cream shop sign.

After exploring color mixing we added "insta snow" and pretended it was ice cream!

We also have pumpkins growing in the back yard of the school. We took advantage of this and explored one completely.

We scooped pumpkin flesh and seeds out to make pumpkin muffins. We noticed how the water seeped out after several minutes. We discovered there is a lot of water in pumpkin.

One of my favorite photos of the week (since block center may be my favorite center), children began using the art and design books in the center to build. Here, he is even sketching a blueprint before building.

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