Friday, November 12, 2010

busy builders

As we learn about the people in our community and how they help us we are inspired to work like them. You will see our inspiration this week emerged from the many architects and construction workers who constructed our school, homes, and community.

C's Earth sculpture of which he said "These are the whole Earth and all the pigeons. Then I will do the grand finale for the sculpture." When finished, he also wrote a great original book inspired by his art titled All About The Earth.

A used a different sculpting strategy, poking wire and sticks in it to create marshmallows.

A wrote a story inspired by her sculpture as well. She wanted her words written in Mandarin so her mom could read the book too. Mrs. Lee took dictation, writing A's words in Mandarin.

We've been spending quite a bit of time thinking about how people in our community help us. We've been motivated to plan, draw blueprints, build, and sketch our buildings just like architects and construction workers. Here we are sketching the structures we built.

B is using recycled materials and craft materials to build the school.

C first sketched a blueprint of our whole community and then used recycled materials to construct it.

Ever inspired by
building, we are building with more detail than ever in block center.

We even thought about what the police department might look like the day before we visited...

Does it look the same to you?

Detective O'donnel gave us the grand tour.

Parents thank you for all of your patience and help this week, from parent teacher conferences to our trip to the police department you made it all a success.

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