Tuesday, November 23, 2010

helping is a full time job

We have been busy in our community, not just exploring it but helping people in our community as well. So far we have visited the library, the police department, the fire department, and the food pantry.

Thanks to all of your food donations, we were able to bring 106 food items with us on our visit to the pantry.

We will be doing more work throughout the year to raise money and awareness for different people in the world. We will likely be part of a postcard writing project and raise money for Heifer International. This year is such an important period developmentally for our preschool age children, they are beginning to see beyond their wants and needs. Spending so much time this year on exploring the world around us, at school and in the community has been vital in supporting this developmental stage. The food donations we collected and the other fundraising we will do this year are just another way to encourage children to think about others in this world, to build their empathy, and to encourage each child to be a global citizen.

I have an awful memory, yet some of my most vivid and heartfelt memories are of volunteering with my mom when I was a child. We would visit the Children's Home in South Florida every few weeks to play and read with orphans. I am so grateful for the experience and definitely feel it deeply effect a person's ability to perceive beyond themselves, to be generous with time and material goods, and in general empathize with those suffering in the world. Over this holiday season, you may want to consider visiting a soup kitchen, nursing home, or food pantry with your family. If you need any help researching where to go in our community - let me know.

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