Monday, January 3, 2011

phase III creativity

As we move into Phase III of our animals in the winter project we seem to be moving in the direction of some sort of performace, perhaps a play. I can't say for certain though because we really need to have a whole class discussion about how we would like to share all that we learned with our family and friends. I posed this question to the class on yesterday and I told them to think about it for a few days. This is something the Reggio philosophy encourages, letting ideas and questions percolate rather than ask a question and want an answer now, now, now. I have to say this is probably much simpler a task in Italy (the home of Reggio) rather than in the now, now, nowness of America but I'm trying.

So we've been taking our time this week just telling stories. Telling stories through block building, art, writing, and through dramatic play. I've been talking to the class about how we express ourselves. Sometimes we want to express our feelings or things we've learned and we can do this through art, dancing, and plays.

I'm hoping that all of this exploration of expression will provide some inspiration for our conversation tomorrow about how we can express all that we've learned about animals and how they adapt to winter. We shall see, it's up to them.

Here is a beautiful piece of artwork by K. She used crayon, watercolors, tape, fabric, tissue paper and yarn. Afterward she told a story about her art and recorded it. The creativity of a four year old is always inspiring.
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