Tuesday, January 4, 2011

our good day at CMA

We visited The Children's Museum of the Arts today and it may have been MY personal all time favorite. The entire experience was filled with hands-on exploration. We drew, painted, sculpted, built, bounced, and just had fun. Here is their Site to get more information http://cmany.org/intro.php?pn=home. I definitely recommend visiting and remember it's free to visit with you Cool Culture card!

Here are a few photos from our day...

We met our friendly teachers for the day.

Who knew coffee cans could be sculpted in such a whimsical way.

We began our day with a whole group painting project, we got to bring our works of art home!

This is something I wish we had in the classroom...or maybe outside...A chalkboard wall. Children used chalk and small, wet paint rollers to erase their work and begin all over again.

A few children were drawn to the light table, where translucent legos were available for building on the table. I haven't mentioned this but I recently wrote a grant for a light table and received the funding so our classroom will have new light soon!

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