Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If you step back they will decide!

I'm constantly amazed by the pre-k mind. I have had in my head the idea that we, all 18 of the children, would create a play as the culminating project for our study of animals. This idea was partially inspired by the kids but also just seemed to make sense in my logical, grown-up mind. We gathered at morning meeting today and I was dealt a rude awakening, this idea of mine was not okay with the children. To top it off their idea was far better! Here is how our day began.

The children spent two days letting the question stew - about how we could share the information we learned with family and friends. This morning I asked again, armed with my whiteboard markers to record their ideas. First K proposed the idea of doing experiments and V seconded that saying "we can do experiments like put ice in water to see if the ice floats or melts." Okay, not what I was expecting. I was expecting to hear the children roar in unison, "let's make a play!" But I had to admit, science was fun. So I pushed a little more and asked if we would invite families in to do the experiments and they agreed that would be good.

On to the second idea, H decided we should make a book about what we learned. This made sense to me as well. But, in my mind I was still plotting...okay experiments and book writing would be fun but what about a play kids. I was practically holding my breath, waiting and hoping.

Finally C mentioned making a movie. Yes, this was more like it. I perked up and mentioned the idea of voting for one of the three choices. I think I said something to the effect of "think in your mind for a moment about which of the three projects you would really like to do and then we can vote." Then I asked the question that would chance it all...I asked "Do you think we can pick one?" I was met with a resounding "noooooo" and several downturned thumbs. At this point I had to laugh a little. They were serious. K was gracious enough to explain that "because people want to do the other ones and it makes sense because somebody wants to do one and somebody else wants to do the other one."

I had to admit that makes perfect sense. The kids were happy with this explanation and so it was rather than voting for ONE project the children were able to sign up for the group they wanted to be in. I'm really excited to work through the process with each group and to invite families in to celebrate the end of this project.

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  1. Sounds exciting.... Thank you posting and will wait for all three projects.



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