Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a new center - oh my!

I recently wrote a Donors Choose teachers grant for a light table, a light projector, and translucent magnetic tiles. Well today was an exciting day as all of the materials have been delivered (except for the magnetic tiles). Thanks to Mrs. Lee's keen eye for interior design we shifted a few pieces of furniture and voila...a light center was created. I'll have to take photos of the new center when it's complete. I would like to add a few mirrors and other reflective materials to encourage more exploration of dark,light and reflection. If you have any ideas for how you use the light table in your classroom...or ideas how you WOULD use one if you had one I would love to hear.

It was definitely a hit and the children are really eager to work in the new center. I am so thankful for organizations like Donors Choose and for the people and businesses who donate. Here is a link to my current grant proposal for hollow blocks.

Here are just a few images from this morning, as two children explored the light table and the projector.

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