Monday, March 21, 2011


An inspiring look at color, music, and movement. I happened upon this video while reading the blog urban preschool and am sure this video will make its way into our classroom this week. I wonder how it might inspire children to work with color. The music itself is a bit magical...perhaps I'll have some paper and pastels near the computer for creating art in the moment rather than afterward.

A side note. I visited the Museum of the Moving Image last weekend and this video reminded me of my experience there. I had to pry myself away from the stop motion animation computer stations. There is something pretty amazing about creating moving image art, even though I am not a techy I think it would be pretty exciting to bring this into the classroom on some level. If you have any experience with stop motion animation or incorprating audio visual media in the pre-k classroom please share.

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  1. I have used stop motion with pre-k and k children every year. You can e-mail us at and I'll send you the steps. Quite simple and fun for the kids - especially when they get to see their results! You will need a camera, and a computer (are you a mac, or PC user?).
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