Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the meaning of four

The day every child reaches the age of four is a day to celebrate in our classroom. Yes, four is a distinctly fun age to be but it also means we get to take field trips. So as a few of the children wave goodbye to their last weeks of being three - we say hello to field trips. We plan very intentional trips to honor and deepen children's interests. We planned our second trip today. We will be visiting the Skyscraper Museum. This is inspired by the versions of Manhattan built nearly each day in block center. Cities show up in the stories, artwork, buildings, and play of children.

For all lovers of skyscrapers and storytelling, there's this...

This creation caught my attention on the turtlewings blog. It relates to so much of what we are doing in class. Paper, storytelling, puppet-like characters, and buildings all in one imaginative video. It has sparked my imagination and I'm curious to see how it sparks the imagination of the class.

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