Monday, January 30, 2012

floppy and floppy take flushing

Joy has been on my mind lately. Learning should be joyful. Life should be joyful. This is actually the provocation that I posed for myself - to think of my own joyful learning memories. I remembered my first grade teacher, Mrs. Norman, leaving green tracks in the classroom for St. Patricks Day. I remember the joy of finding such a fun mystery in OUR classroom (which I think led to a pot of gold). This is what led me to leave the joyfully mysterious tracks I wrote about in my last post.

Through our provocations, as educators and parents, we can spark joy and curiosity. In our fully present and meaningful interactions we can allow space for joy. And in honoring children as thinkers, idea-makers, and doers we nurture the culture of joy within the classroom (or home).

Today joy came from finding two rabbits in our classroom, from petting them, and from restraining or shreaks of joy - opting for gentle oohs and ahhhs for the rabbits sake. Joy came from having the bright idea to build a bunny playhouse for our new friends. And the joy will continue tomorrow as we trouble-shoot making the playhouse safe from bunny escapes.

                    Can you feel the joy?

Floppy and Floppy have escaped! Time to think about changes to the playhouse.

Can you think of your own joyful learning memory? Does it give you an idea for your own classroom or home?


  1. Merril, I love the bunnies! Where did you get them from? Are you keeping them in the classroom? I love bunnies! I used to have two of my own!

  2. Hey Esther! Thanks to Ms. Zarian (she's the new language through movement teacher) and her bunny hook-up we get to have the furry friends this week. However, if you ask the kids...they jumped through the window that I forgot to close over the weekend. So Ms. Z is the unsung hero in this situation :)



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