Friday, January 6, 2012

on perspective

Upon our return from the holiday vacation we stepped right back into all things puppets. The trip to the Shadow Box Puppet Theatre had been on everyone's mind last week and Friday was the day. As always, in reflecting on the video and photos from the experience I was struck by the observational drawings children created. With all children sitting in the audience - with similar perspectives - it is a beautiful reminder of how we each see so uniquely. Amid a loud theater, filled with elementary schools from every borough, our children were able to put pencil to paper and quietly observe. They saw bits and pieces with such clarity that even I had to take another look around the room.

This auditorium, like almost every other in New York City, became a mosaic of details. Heating grates, ornamental lights, numbered seats...
One child sees a stage - another a sea of chairs - and yet others
see vividly the details of the ceiling and wall.

Lights captured the attention of all children.
The proportions and symmetry of her sketch reflect her
precise style also seen when building in block center

He sees it all, everything in front of him, high and low.

The perspective used to draw the 3-D aspect of the seats stand out.

The wheel-like spindles represent beautiful light fixtures that were hanging above. 

So much time and paper space devoted to the main event.

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