Monday, November 18, 2013

a shared lens

Sharing the camera today I was struck by the scope of my teacher 'lens' and the pinpoint focus of the child's 'lens'. To see a child's structure as a whole is simple. But I was reminded through these images to pay equal attention to the small nuances in the individual child's world.

It is easy to see light, shadow, castles, tall and detailed structures. It takes a closer look, a conversation, and in this case 'seeing' through the child's eyes to reveal the significance of a moose...or people in trucks. The moose and truck will make sense in a minute.

Taking the long (teacher) view...


The close-up (child's) view...


Do you notice the focus growing narrower?
...and still narrower?

The truck images were nearly endless, here are 4 of the many. Some from a birds-eye view and some head on. Some blurry, some in focus.

Trucks lined up neat and tidy, carrying stones can be a regular occurrence. Yet no less relevant and obviously important to a child, as I was reminded of today.

I'm always surprised with what I find when I share the lens with children. I think it may be time to find a special camera or two that can be a devoted child's camera.

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