Monday, August 25, 2014

traces in spaces

The beginning.

The beginning of the school year is always exciting.

The rearranging of the room. Finding the balance between cozy and uncluttered. The aim: an inviting blank slate.

Our first day came and went and one word stayed in my mind once the last feet scurried out the door.


Children left traces of their play. Their exploration. Their presence. 

A big part of our classroom culture - a component that we immediately aim to introduce - is the understanding that this room is their room.

The room is just an empty space - hopefully a bit cozy and inviting - but nothing without them. The children are the creators. They bring life, color, and their voice to the room.

So tape and paper. Paper and tape. They have found their way into our new preschoolers hands and even after the first day as I took a step back and surveyed the room it felt as if a proclamation was made This is our room.

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