Thursday, September 18, 2014

conker? chestnut? what?

There's something magical about fall. It may even be extra magical in my eyes as I grew up in Florida - so fall was similar to summer...and winter...and spring. Now living in a place with seasons I'm learning all about what fall has to offer. We can find these conkers (or chestnuts) everywhere this time of the year. We are calling them chestnuts in class but I think these are more often called conkers. With a quick hole bored through each conker the possibilities are endless. Laced onto wire they became watches, bracelets, necklaces, and we even created a very basic abacus. Counting became very exciting with chestnuts involved.

We bought our drill and wooden holder here. It's a really great and safe tool from our experience so far especially if you press the drill down into the conker before the child begins to work independence as this prevents any slips. What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment the kids felt to bore a hole through each nut on their own!


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