Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Plants Plants Plants

We have started the indoor portion of our gardening. Boys and girls in the science center planted two sets of seeds. Organic seeds of: lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and swiss chard were soaked in water for several hours. A second group of seeds (the same vegetables) were planted directly in the soil without soaking them. We made predictions about which seeds would sprout first. The children in the group all felt the seeds which had not been soaked would sprout first. As T said "The one we put in the soil because we put the seeds first." So we will be carefully observing to see if there is a difference in sprouting time!

It's not all about science though, children represented their understanding through artwork as well. Children used egg cartons, clay, and collage materials to create their own garden. Once finished, those that wanted also wrote their own book to go along with their garden.

Tomorrow we will take our gardening outside, to a small plot of land in the back of the school. Also parents don't forget about our upcoming field trip to Queens Botanical Garden!If you can make it that would be great, the more parents and grandparents the merrier. We'll be participating in their workshop about "Plants We Can Eat," let's hope for a warm and sunny day!

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